Major Structural Repair Division

Foundation problems are a nightmare for homeowners. The costs, labor, and anxiety of finding the right solution can cause a lot of stress. It jeopardizes your greatest asset and your family’s security. Left unrepaired, it can mean the loss of your home.  If you are experiencing cracks in your foundation, it is time to take action.  Don’t let the problem get worse.  The longer you wait the more costly the repair will be. 

Fortunately, Kixx Builders, Inc. can help you diagnose foundation issues and recommend the best solution.  We are trained to repair most any issues you have with your home’s foundation.

Kixx Builders, Inc. uses quality products and workmanship to secure your home. This includes helical piers, which provide the stabilization for your home, accessories to speed up installation times and foundation repair equipment and drive heads.

Helical piers and piles are the best and most trusted solution for securing your home’s foundation. They work by drilling deep into the ground until they find load bearing strata. This keeps your foundation stabilized even if the upper layers of soil move and shift.

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